Monday, May 3, 2010

Fences [Last Post]

Fences is a play written about a african american family from the 1950's. Troy was a man in his mid 50's who was a former ball player. He was never treated fairly by anyone because he grew up in the days where white and black men were treated unequal. The white folks always were able to go out on the field and play, but Troy always was set back on the bench. This had a great impact on how he treated his son Cory, when the time came for Cory to go off to school and play football. Troy refused to sign the papers for Cory to go off and play league football. After Troy denied the signing, this caused horrible conflict between him and his son Cory, they never got along after that day. Troy always talked about how much he loved his wife Rose, but he if he loved her so much why would he do such a horrible thing by cheating on her? The consequence of Troy cheating on his wife was getting a woman named Alberta pregnant. Troy finally confessed to Rose that he had been unfaithful to her because he knew this woman was fixing to give birth to his daughter. Unfortunately Alberta died so Troy was left to take care of this child, as well as Rosa was talked into taking care of this little girl that wasn't into this world by her father commiting adultery. Rosa took the baby in as her own and raised her with her son Cory. Troy ended up passing away at the end of the story, as the entire family came together as one, and worked their differences out in the end.

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