Monday, January 25, 2010

New England Nun

Mary Wilkins Freeman shares a story of the life of a new England nun. The Nun is an old maid, a woman who had never been married and was waiting on a certain man. She is basically isolated in her own home doing chores and doing things to make her a better wife, should the time come around. By doing so she spent most of her days doing normal chores, gardening work, read books and sewing clothes. Louisa and Joe Dagget had been engaged for over fourteen years. He went to a foreign country to make money and Louisa stayed back home waiting patiently for Joe to return and take up his promise. While Joe was away Louisa mother and brother passed away leaving her lonely and in need for love and affection. When Louisa over heard Joe talking with another one that was yet one excuse to break off of engagement. She had wanted to marry Joe, but she knew what the feelings he felt although Joe didn’t want to break his promise they both came to the agreement that it was for the best. Out of the three short stories I read throughout the week I liked this essay the most, He had more meaning of the emotions of two people that once were in love. Life isn’t always fair and I think that this story brings that out. Although they waited 14 long year in the end things weren’t the same as when they first began in their relationship together. People change, mature and move on.

The White Heron

Sylvia, a nine year old girl is a little girl with unusual gifts about herself. She came from a town to live with her grandmother in a closed in forest. She had a hobby of spending most of her time outside, she had a bond with the forest and the creatures that lived in it. She tamed animals to come and feed out of her hand, they practically thought her as one of their own. She is frightened by a hunter that she comes across one evening in the woods. He has a interest and love for birds and as time goes by the hunter looks for help from little Sylvia. The hunter collect different kinds of birds, where he then will kill them and stuff them for collection. He is interested in a certain type of bird a “White Heron.” A tall tree in the woods had more meaning to it than just one that overlooked the world, but the same tree that housed the nest of white heron’s. Sylvia sees things differently once she reaches the top of the tree, she couldn’t go on with the commitment to the hunter, instead she holds a secret, and never lets it out. For me I feel like any normal person would have taken the ten dollars that the hunter offered Sylvia to fetch the white heron. Although Sylvia didn’t take them money I think that’s what makes her the hero throughout the story, it shows heroism.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emily Dickinson [The Great Poet]

Emily Dickinson spent a lot of her time alone, many of her neighbors were busy with a normal life. They were all married, had children and pretty well living their lives as any adult, all but Emily anyways. Emily spent her time isolated in her home, in the garden, or drawn into her poetry. Emily was never well respected by others and her poetry was never taken seriously because of the “odd” life she lived. She was a very intelligent woman although nobody ever would give her the chance to see that side of her. Emily never wrote her poems with Rhythm or Rhyme she just wrote in short little four line paragraphs. She wrote her poetry mainly on human nature, life and death, and importance of things in life. When I read Emily’s poems you can see the hurt in her life and the pain she felt. Several Poems that Dickinson wrote about also went into depth about her beliefs of Religion. I think her outlook on the way she seen things kind of differ from how I would see them, but everyone has their different beliefs and feelings on such a large topic. Although some of her points I could completely relate to just like she spoke about the God made each and every one of us, if a person turned out one way it would be God’s will and reasoning. Emily Dickinson’s poems are helpful in looking into your own life in general. Her words of wisdom went on long after she died and mainly became popular throughout the years of her passing. I think there is a message in every poem she has written, and if you really take in what your reading then you can see a whole different outlook.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HuCk Finn Blog

The Characters of Huck Funn all had different personalities and emotions of their own. The three that stuck out to me most would be Huck (Himself), Jim the Black slave and also Tom Sawyer.Huck Finn is starting out in his adolescent years as a young child. In the beginning of the story it is apparent he does many spiteful things to Widow Douglas and even his own father. Throughout the story you begin to see a different side, a compassionate Huck Finn. Living with the Widow, Huck was to be dressed nicely, he went to school and had high expectations. Through his adventure he becomes less and less invloved in hygience or the clothes he wore. He showed a lot of compassion for Jim and did everything possible to help his friend be set to freedom, so not only was he showing his kindness but as well he made a friend for a lifetime.Jim was the Widow's slave, he was a middle aged man. In the beginning of the story Jim ran away shortly after Huck went missing. I believe Jim was a strong man after everything he went through in the book. It is obvious he was unselfish as a person he never put himself first as he would stay behind while everyone else went into the town. H was patient for waiting long weeks at the Phelps. Jim took Huck under his wing while traveling the river almost like a father figure. Jim had more love he could give and give.You dont hear much about little Tom Sawyer until towards the end of the book. Tom wa always up for adventure, a very bright young boy. You could tell that from the start that he was a boy who loves to pretend. Tom always was willing to take risks no matter waht the consequence. Tom remained as a loyal friend to both Huck and Jim.This was an excellent book and I could read it again and again. Very Great Ending!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Megans Eng 232 Blog

I absolutely love reading books, especially love stories such as "The Notebook", "Love the One your With" and several others. I can't say that I've read many books concerning history or ancient times. I think this class may be a little bit of a challenge after looking over the assignments throughout the semester. I think this class will be great though, something different and I love to sit down and read quite often so I think maybe this could be a good class after all, hopefully not a difficult one. :-)