Monday, January 25, 2010

New England Nun

Mary Wilkins Freeman shares a story of the life of a new England nun. The Nun is an old maid, a woman who had never been married and was waiting on a certain man. She is basically isolated in her own home doing chores and doing things to make her a better wife, should the time come around. By doing so she spent most of her days doing normal chores, gardening work, read books and sewing clothes. Louisa and Joe Dagget had been engaged for over fourteen years. He went to a foreign country to make money and Louisa stayed back home waiting patiently for Joe to return and take up his promise. While Joe was away Louisa mother and brother passed away leaving her lonely and in need for love and affection. When Louisa over heard Joe talking with another one that was yet one excuse to break off of engagement. She had wanted to marry Joe, but she knew what the feelings he felt although Joe didn’t want to break his promise they both came to the agreement that it was for the best. Out of the three short stories I read throughout the week I liked this essay the most, He had more meaning of the emotions of two people that once were in love. Life isn’t always fair and I think that this story brings that out. Although they waited 14 long year in the end things weren’t the same as when they first began in their relationship together. People change, mature and move on.

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