Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HuCk Finn Blog

The Characters of Huck Funn all had different personalities and emotions of their own. The three that stuck out to me most would be Huck (Himself), Jim the Black slave and also Tom Sawyer.Huck Finn is starting out in his adolescent years as a young child. In the beginning of the story it is apparent he does many spiteful things to Widow Douglas and even his own father. Throughout the story you begin to see a different side, a compassionate Huck Finn. Living with the Widow, Huck was to be dressed nicely, he went to school and had high expectations. Through his adventure he becomes less and less invloved in hygience or the clothes he wore. He showed a lot of compassion for Jim and did everything possible to help his friend be set to freedom, so not only was he showing his kindness but as well he made a friend for a lifetime.Jim was the Widow's slave, he was a middle aged man. In the beginning of the story Jim ran away shortly after Huck went missing. I believe Jim was a strong man after everything he went through in the book. It is obvious he was unselfish as a person he never put himself first as he would stay behind while everyone else went into the town. H was patient for waiting long weeks at the Phelps. Jim took Huck under his wing while traveling the river almost like a father figure. Jim had more love he could give and give.You dont hear much about little Tom Sawyer until towards the end of the book. Tom wa always up for adventure, a very bright young boy. You could tell that from the start that he was a boy who loves to pretend. Tom always was willing to take risks no matter waht the consequence. Tom remained as a loyal friend to both Huck and Jim.This was an excellent book and I could read it again and again. Very Great Ending!

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  1. Tom is maybe the most interesting or complex character to understand... sometimes I think he is just a jerk and then other times it seems he is a grerat leader... maybe somewhere in between.