Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emily Dickinson [The Great Poet]

Emily Dickinson spent a lot of her time alone, many of her neighbors were busy with a normal life. They were all married, had children and pretty well living their lives as any adult, all but Emily anyways. Emily spent her time isolated in her home, in the garden, or drawn into her poetry. Emily was never well respected by others and her poetry was never taken seriously because of the “odd” life she lived. She was a very intelligent woman although nobody ever would give her the chance to see that side of her. Emily never wrote her poems with Rhythm or Rhyme she just wrote in short little four line paragraphs. She wrote her poetry mainly on human nature, life and death, and importance of things in life. When I read Emily’s poems you can see the hurt in her life and the pain she felt. Several Poems that Dickinson wrote about also went into depth about her beliefs of Religion. I think her outlook on the way she seen things kind of differ from how I would see them, but everyone has their different beliefs and feelings on such a large topic. Although some of her points I could completely relate to just like she spoke about the God made each and every one of us, if a person turned out one way it would be God’s will and reasoning. Emily Dickinson’s poems are helpful in looking into your own life in general. Her words of wisdom went on long after she died and mainly became popular throughout the years of her passing. I think there is a message in every poem she has written, and if you really take in what your reading then you can see a whole different outlook.

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