Monday, January 25, 2010

The White Heron

Sylvia, a nine year old girl is a little girl with unusual gifts about herself. She came from a town to live with her grandmother in a closed in forest. She had a hobby of spending most of her time outside, she had a bond with the forest and the creatures that lived in it. She tamed animals to come and feed out of her hand, they practically thought her as one of their own. She is frightened by a hunter that she comes across one evening in the woods. He has a interest and love for birds and as time goes by the hunter looks for help from little Sylvia. The hunter collect different kinds of birds, where he then will kill them and stuff them for collection. He is interested in a certain type of bird a “White Heron.” A tall tree in the woods had more meaning to it than just one that overlooked the world, but the same tree that housed the nest of white heron’s. Sylvia sees things differently once she reaches the top of the tree, she couldn’t go on with the commitment to the hunter, instead she holds a secret, and never lets it out. For me I feel like any normal person would have taken the ten dollars that the hunter offered Sylvia to fetch the white heron. Although Sylvia didn’t take them money I think that’s what makes her the hero throughout the story, it shows heroism.

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