Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tennessee's Partner

The short story of Tennessee’s Partner was a very difficult story to read. I read the story three times to comprehend exactly the situation and to figure out exactly what was going on. In 1854 Tennessee Partner was based on two men that partnered up in crime. One of the men was named Tennessee and the other one unknown, they just called him “Tennessee’s Partner”. In the beginning of the story Tennessee’s partner travels for miles to find himself a wife, it didn’t take him too long before he found her and decided to marry her. Tennessee wasn’t even loyal enough to stay away from his partner’s wife so he decided to take her right out from under his partner. Regardless of the situation when Tennessee come back into town there was his partner waiting on him. Shortly after Tennessee robbed a man taking everything he had, soon he was arrested and taken to court for the matter. When the Judge called on Tennessee’s partner if he found the defendant guilty, he ended up making the whole thing worse rather then helping his friend out. Tennessee was then hung to death, where the partner took him to the cabin for Tennessee’s funeral. Jenny took Tennessee’s partner to the hill where Tennessee was buried, where Tennessee and his partner were together once again. I felt like even though they ratted one another out or did each other wrong to some extent, they were always there to pick the other back up when things fell to pieces. It was almost like a true friendship even though sometimes they did each other dirty at the same time.

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