Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stephen Crane Poetry

Stephen Crane passed away at an early age, although he was very well known for his poetry and short stories. When reading his poems as well as “The Open Boat”, it seems that every story he tells, there is a meaning behind them all. His poetry may be a little tricky at first when you read them, but it allows you to actually grasp what you just read and really think about it. “A man freaked that he might find an assassin,” this poem made me think that a man would rather take his life in his own hands rather than sit around and wait for someone else to make the decision for him. “I saw a man pursuing the Horizon,” makes you think about people who are out trying to chase a dream whether is a career, life decision, or future but the dream continues to get further away no matter how hard your trying to achieve it. The last poem that really stood out to me most would be, “In the desert.” This poem talks about how his heart is bitter, but although our hearts may be bitter we still have to love ourselves for all the right reasons instead of looking at it negatively. This poem may come across as a self-esteem issue that the man has within himself. Poetry has meaning behind every stanza, you just need to think about what is your reading. Stephen Crane had great meaning behind his stories and poetry.

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