Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Robert Frost Poetry

Robert Frost has written many different poems throughout his life. He wrote many of his poems relating to his life with the world, and how he took each day. Three of his poems stood out to me most while reading them over the past week. “ The Road Not Taken,” in this poem it talks about two paths in the woods, he stared down both pathways and decided to chose the one that looked the least taken. To me this resembles life for when you see everybody else doing one thing so you decide to be the odd ball out and take a different path down life’s pathway. “Neither out far nor in Deep,” you always think about when you go to the beach and you just forget about what it’s like being back home in the mountains of North Carolina. I think this story really tells how people look one way at the sea and forget about the land behind him them, even though they don’t see what is way out far in the ocean or what is deep down below, its just the beauty of the sea that makes everything forgotten and different on land itself. “For Once, then Something,” what I got out of this poem was that when he was looking down in the well, he could see his own reflection, beginning to look deeper into the bottom, a drop of fern fell and shattered the image making it all blurred. I think that this is a symbol of looking at his own reflection in the well, but it’s not always what you see in the picture because everybody has something deeper within themselves that tells a story.

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