Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The other two

Throughout the story Alice tries to make her husband happy and please him as best of her ability. Although she tries doing so she also lies to him and acts as she wants to behind his back. Waythorn marries Alice, who has been married twice previously. He thinks that they will have the perfect marriage and Alice will give all of herself to him and do whatever he wanted her to do. After coming in contact with Alice’s two previous husbands Waythorn comes to figure out that his newly wife has a past. I think that Alice seems to think her marriage is just a game, she seems to of been on this merry-go-round more than she leads on. Alice also seems like she is a money loving woman, it seems she divorced the others because either they didn’t make as good of money as she wanted or couldn’t give her everything she felt she deserved. When the story comes to an end, all three husbands are waiting in the room together, and Alice walks in with a pot of tea. She seems to act like nothing is going on and playing a role as if she is the good one out of everything. Waythorn finally realizes he can’t change the past or his wife for that matter, basically accepting the marriage he is in. It was a very good story, although I disagree with Alice and the way she is treating each of the men, I think it is very unfair that she leads each of them on, especially her current husband.

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