Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce wrote a lot of things on the topic of death. Enlisting in the War and volunteering to ride in Poncho Villa’s army was putting himself in the track of danger, which is kind of contradicting himself at the same time, you would think he would of known better. Bierce’s talks about Peyton and his life experiences and also talks on his hanging of death. Peyton is a very wealthy southern planter who wants to help them win the war. While trying to act on his plan to help, Peyton was then captured and was to be hung where he was planning to destroy a bridge. He hallucinates about falling and escaping, when his dream finally comes to a end, his neck is in fact broken. When the story ended it was pretty much the ending of his mind wandering experiences. Although Peyton thought he made it back home, he believed that he had accomplished his goal and set plan, escaping death. The death of Peyton was real although his escape was actually taking place all in his mind.

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