Monday, February 8, 2010

The Yellow Wall paper

Charlotte Gilman lived an overwhelming sad life. She married at such a young age and her first husband never agreed with her writing all the time, and it never seemed to work out. She was then divorced and remarried a few years later to a man that accepted her for her talents and let her be an independent woman. Some people called her a man hater, although that wasn’t the case, people got that point across when they would read her stories. In the yellow wall paper, it tells a story of a woman who is a nervous disorder and is extremely ill. Her husband is a physician and keeps her in a room, taking care of her every day. The woman writes in a journal nearly every day recording her thoughts, mostly of this yellow wall paper in the room she is resting in. She thinks that it is evil and it catches her attention often, she feels there is a woman trapped in the wall paper and needing to be set free from crawling behind those bars. Her husband thinks she is recovering from her illness, although she is far from it, if not even sicker than before. One day she rips away at the wall paper because she didn’t want Jenny getting to it before she had. Trying to set free this woman, she comes to find out that all along she was the one trying to be set free, after her husband comes in the room he faints at the sight to see his wife creeping about. I don’t think John or Jennie realized how seriously ill she was and it came to a shock to see his wife doing such a thing.

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