Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyday Use

In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, she begins the story by opening up about Dee and Maggie’s life and their ways of living which is told to her audience by the mother. Maggie was a very laid back child and for Dee she was very high strung always the one who got everything she ever asked for, pretty much spoiled. The trial of the story starts with Dee coming back to her old hometown, a completely opposite person then the girl that left before. The Mother then realizes that she has treated her children unequally, always giving Dee everything she could possible, and making Maggie feel a little left out. The Mother defends her daughter by telling Dee she wont allow her to keep the items in the house and plan on giving them to Maggie to make up for lost time. In the story Dee changes the person she once was, and the Mother as well changes her thoughts on how she treats her children equally, as for before she seemed to of favored one more then the other. At the end of the story mama ends up giving the quilts to Maggie, which I think was a wise choice anyways, Maggie would have put them to better use then Dee would.

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