Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In Shiloh, it takes another turn in a couple’s marriage as well. Norma Jean’s husband was a truck driver who rarely spent any of his time at home. When he was in his truck accident he had to spend most of his time at home with his distant wife. They rarely had anything to talk about, I don’t think that Norma Jean hated the fact that her husband was at home more, but more so that he never did anything but sit around smoking pot all day with NO job. He never cleaned the house he was just a couch potato. Their communication between one another was terrible, they lost their little boy years before but never seemed to talk about it. I think in the end things just built up so much that Norma Jean could no longer take it anymore and decided she didn’t want to be with this stranger she thought she once knew. Her mother always seemed to but in on everything as well, when she found out Norma Jean was smoking she made such a big tizzy over the whole situation never one time going up to Norma Jean and talking with her about it, which could be where Norma Jean learnt her lack of communication skills, which may have been a downer that caused their marriage to fail in the end.

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