Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In the short story girl, the mother seemed to ramble on different ways for this young girl “Jamaica” to become a woman. When you look at this short story its much like a very looooonnngg run on sentence. The mother puts the word ‘slut’ in several times, I’m really thinking she thought her daughter was indeed a slut or wanting to be one. She always explains to her daughter about how she should treat a man, but if it couldn’t work out between the two, to not take it so personally when you have to end up letting them go. The girl learned how to cook, sew and do many things a house wife would normally do in their everyday life. I don’t think the mother should have went about in the way of telling her daughter the things in the way she did, I thought it was quite rude. I know my mother wouldn’t ever try and get something across to me in the manner that this lady did with her own. I found some really good points in the short story that I took a step back and thought wow this woman has really lived out in the world, she knows so many things and how the world works to be the woman she is.

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