Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half and Half

Half and Half deals with both the Chinese and American Cultures. The daughter and mother were both Chinese cultures, and the mother wanted her children to marry in the Chinese heritage. When the daughter told her mother in the beginning that she would marry an American man her mother thought it was beyond the worst idea since she had her heart set on a Chinese man for her daughter. I thought this story was very sad and tragic all the way around and the meanings between both stories were relatively the same. The mother was a woman who very much believed in faith and the love of God, although she kept her bible as a holder to go underneath her table, this symbolizes her anger and frustration towards God for the death of her son. The mother ended up losing her small little boy in the reefs of the ocean and never seen him again, she set her faith in God to help bring him back safely to her but things didn’t work out as planned. The daughter in the end put her faith in God for him to save her marriage and that’s all she could really rely on to keep her marriage together.

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