Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I absolutely loved this story, when I first looked at the book I was so unsure just by the looks of the cover, but the more I got into the book the less I put it down. Serena was a very selfish woman, she only thought about herself and no one else. She seemed to have a mindset that nobody was ever going to be better than her, and that’s pretty much the way she lived her life. When she finally killed her husband her reasoning was basically he wasn’t up to her standards and he was inferior to her, but I think she more than likely had a jealousy issue with the fact that she couldn’t bore children. Serena killed not only her husband but several others including, Widow Jenkins because she couldn’t find someone, and then of course her husband because “he wasn’t good enough” as well as Harris. Serena never cared about the way she treated other people that was around her, she didn’t think about what kind of burden she placed on people’s lives either. This book told a great story of conniving people, dishonesty and sacrificing as well. I would definitely request for other people to read this story.

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