Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Randall Jarrell

Randall Jarrell was very well known for his amazing pieces of poetry, I enjoyed reading his poetry most when being compared to Sylvia Plath. Randall served in World War II, which I believe is where he came up with his imagination as well as own experiences to present his poem called “Losses” although it seems a little confusing when reading the poem because he contradicts himself several times, saying “It was not dying, Everybody died.” I found that a little hard to understand but I perceived it as the many things that he seen out in the war that it wasn’t him so much worrying about his death anymore because he was so used to being exposed to his friends deaths as well as his enemies, so when it came his time to die it was a part o the nature. Overall I think that his poems were very real when you read them it is like the characters come alive in his short stories/poems.

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