Monday, March 1, 2010


Susan Glaspell wrote the play “Trifles” before the women’s movement came along. This basically meant that men thought that their wives, children, property, money and anything else was of their property and not of their wives. In this play John Wright has been murdered and the sheriff, Mr. Hale, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale are at the murder scene, which is of the home of Mr. Wright. The Sheriff has come to the house to try and come up with evidence so that he can use it against Mrs. Wright for the murder of her husband. When they get there they find that the house is a mess, towels all over the place, food laying out everywhere, and not kept up like a normal home would be. The men seem to view the distortion of the house differently then what the women see. The men aren’t looking things in a deeper view. The men look at the house as being cluttered with mess, and not taken great care of like women should keep it. Although when the women look at the mess they look it as Mrs. Wright probably didn’t have the time to keep her house clean because she was too busy doing other things such as, out in the garden picking the vegetables, making jams and quilting. John Wright never really paid his wife much attention, and Mrs. Wright loved to sing but that disturbed her husband. She had a bird that she kept in a cage that loved to sing along with Mrs. Wright and her husband killed the bird. I think that since her husband didn’t pay her much attention and seemed to not care about his wife’s feeling that led her to killing him.

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