Monday, March 1, 2010

Willa Cather

Aunt Georgiana was born into a middle class family and never had to work hard for what she had. She married a man named Howard Carpenter, who her family greatly disliked mostly because she was a lower class family then their own. Georgiana married Howard more than likely out of rebellion from her parents knowing that didn’t approve. After giving birth to six children and working hard every single day to survive she gave up one of the most important things she loved most. Her fingers were crippled from the hard work she put into work and she could hardly play the piano any longer. After going back to Boston her nephew set up arrangements to take her to an orchestra concert. When the orchestra came on stage it brought back memories and she begin to tap her fingers to the rhythm. She begin to cry because she realized what her life could have been like had she taken a different path in life. “Paul’s Case” is perfect example of someone who isn’t happen in their own skin. Paul was born into a relatively poor family. He was always picked on by the way he dressed he was always getting kicked out of school. After being forced to work and unable to get his education leads to Paul stealing money. He takes off to New York to live the life he always wanted, but not for long. Paul was able to stay in nice hotels, wear fancy clothes, and attend the musical concerts he admired. Once his father heard about his son staying in a New York Hotel, Paul fled. Paul thought of committing suicide with a gun but he didn’t quite have the nerve to do so, he ends up taking his life into a oncoming freight train, and his life was never completely fulfilled.

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