Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Native Son

The Native son is probably one of my favorite short stories that we have read all semester. Bigger was living in a small one room building with his mother and siblings, he wanted better for himself so he went out to seek a fine job. Mr. Dalton offered him a great job chauffeuring his family around to different places, paying him a great deal of money and giving him a nice place to stay. Bigger took the job and had all intentions to work his hardest and do the best he could to please everyone. Mr. Daltons daughter gave him issues right from the start, she called him out on things making him uncomfortable. Bigger was ordered to take Mr. Dalton’s daughter to the university that evening, but that was all about to change. Mary was taken towards to college, but she had different plans for her agenda. Mary had Bigger take her to meet her boyfriend and spend the rest of the afternoon, something her parents would never agree upon. Bigger didn’t know what he had gotten himself into, Mary and her boyfriend had alcohol in which they all proceeded to get drunk in the backseat. Bigger thought that if he did as well he wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable being with them so he did as well. That night when going back to the house he had to carry Mary up to her room where he was almost caught by the owner. Mary ended up dying, I’m not sure if she died from drinking too much or for some other cause. Bigger never planned on killing the young girl, which I don’t feel it was his fault to start with, although if he had taken her to where she suppose to go then it would of never happened to start with.

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