Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sonny's Blues

Sonny’s brother was a math teacher in their old town of Harlem. Sonny himself was a drug addict on heroin and spent a good deal of time in his drug rehab. One of Sonny’s old friends shows up to tell sonny’s brother that Sonny was sent into rehab, and it rekindled memories from the past. Of course when it deals with your siblings whether it be a younger/older sister or brother you always feel that protectiveness over one another. The two brothers hardly talked or communicated at all throughout the years but as time went out they begin to make that same connection that they once had as a young child. When it says “Blues” in the title of the story I feel like the “blues” is the emotional rollercoaster the two brothers experienced with one another, as well as the rekindling of their relationship as two brothers that have taken different paths in life. The music in the story plays a big role in their life as well, I think at this point when they were hearing the music at the Barbeque joint the brother begins to listen to Sonny and his troubles. Anyone with a drug addiction it’s extremely important for that person to have some sort of support from either a family member or friend, to have someone there to listen to you and talk with you about your sufferings. I feel that is exactly what sonny’s brother did towards the end of the story is he found a place where he could sit and listen to Sonny’s hurt and pain that he was feeling why going through this terrible addiction he had started.

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