Wednesday, March 10, 2010


William Faulkner has obviously strange taste of topic in his stories, I cant say that The Evening Sun is my favorite I have ever came across. In this story the father of the children never wants Nancy's husband Jesus on his property. With that being said its apparent that Jesus is bad news, especially if he is never even around in the story anyways. Nancy is afraid that Jesus will hurt her therefore she is scared to go home and stay there alone. She tries to con the kids into walking down to her house with her because she is afraid Jesus will come out an hurt her. In the story it talks about Nancy being pregnant, but thats where it leaves off, it never tells what ever happened to her unborn child, and it seems like she may be pregnant on more then one occasion? Her belly was rounded and big when she was in jail, after she had been beat and kicked in the mouth, stomach, and head. Also when she was in the kitchen it tells of her belly resembling a watermelon. I dont think Jesus was ever out to get Nancy, she was a bit of a drunk anyways, so maybe she was having ellusions in her mind that he was out to get her, but reality is that he just up and left one day apparently.

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  1. I had the same problem with her being pregnant. One minute it describes her pregnancy and the next it seems that she's not. He never explains what happens, I think if your not going to elaborate on it why make it part of the story.