Tuesday, March 16, 2010


John Steinback was raised in California where he spent most of his life, he wasn’t very big on traveling with his works of writing as much as other writers you may come across. The story flight is of a mother and her children living in Monterey on a farm. Her son Pepe was sent into town to fetch some medicine in case they would need it. Mother always would talk about how Pepe was “becoming a MAN” especially since his father had already passed. When Pepe went into town he came across someone who was calling him names so Pepe decided to take it into his own hands and ended up killing the man. Pepe hurried home to explain to his mother that he must leave immediately. While Pepe was on his journey he was followed my someone who wanted justice for the crime he committed. Along the way Pepe ended up losing his food and jug of water along the way, he was left for dry basically. His horse ended up dying due to the fact that Pepe didn’t take very good care of it as well, so he was to walk the rest of his way. I think Pepe should stayed home instead of running from his problems, I don’t think he would of suffered a infected arm or possibly wouldn’t of even been killed if he had stayed home. I think Pepe did a fine job at attempting to keep his self alive, he dug the ground to soak up water to drink from, and found things he could eat, although that still wasn’t enough because he was killed in the end anyways.

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