Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giovanni Poetry

In the first poem that I read, it talks about black people and their memories of their past and of how people may perceive it. I dont think that it could neesarily be inplyed to strictly just black people because it really doesnt matter what age, race or background you have. If people were to look back on their past at least for myself in particular, I could name more things that stand out that were not good as some things that were absolutely wonderful. In the 2nd poem it seems like this person is actual in fact very lonely they are just trying to sugar coat it for someone else so they dont see the fear and sadness in her. i think many people sometimes do this and try to convince other people or soemtimes even theirselves things thats not true. The last poem I really was unsure about what she was trying to get across to her readers.

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